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Vitalik: The Ethereum network should respond to 51% attacks in a more automated manner

2024-07-10 20:26:57
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, in a keynote speech at the ETHCC in Brussels, argued for pushing the Ethereum network to be better prepared for 51% attacks. He argued that automated responses to such attacks should be prepared, which would reduce pressure on the social layer.
A potential response to such an attack would be for honest validators to move to a fork of the chain, and current plans would rely heavily on social consensus, with community members working together to agree on a fork. However, Buterin believes it would be better if the network could be more prepared for such a response, which he says is largely automated and planned in advance.
Buterin also advocated for increasing the adoption of light clients in the Ethereum infrastructure layer, especially wallets. He said they should also support verification of zk-EVM to provide further support for layer 2 networks. In addition to this, he also believes that the protocol should be further simplified to make the work easier for developers and users.