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List of important developments on the evening of July 10

2024-07-10 21:03:11
12:00-21:00 Keywords: German government, Starknet, Animoca Brands, Vitalik
1. Bitcoin's correlation with the U.S. stock market has fallen to a multi-month low.
2. About 5,103 BTC were transferred out of the "German government" wallet address again;
3. StarkWare CEO: Starknet will open the pledge by the end of the year.
4. Federal Reserve Chairperson Powell will be questioned by members of the House of Representatives at 22:00 tonight.
Vitalik: The Ethereum network should respond to 51% attacks in a more automated manner.
6. Animoca Brands: Digital assets held on the balance sheet are approximately $203 million;
7. Cryptocurrency company Payeer fined $10.10 million by Lithuania for violating sanctions and anti-money laundering regulations;
8. The nominal value is about $1.80 billion BTC and ETH options expire this Friday, and the biggest pain point of BTC is $58,000.