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The address belonging to Elwood raised 8,014.6 ETH from Binance again 6 hours ago.

2024-07-11 09:14:05
According to Ember Monitor, this address once again raised 8,014.6 ETH (25 million USD) from Binance 6 hours ago, and accumulated 24,463.3 ETH (75 million USD) in 24 hours, with an average price of 3,066 USD.
This address should belong to Elwood, who in the past day minted and transferred $75M of USDC from Circle and then withdrew $75 million worth of ETH (24,463.3) from Binance through this address.
Transfer to Binance on 7/9 night 50 million USDC, and withdraw $50 million worth of ETH from Binance on 7/10 morning (16,448.7);
On 7/10 night, 25 million USDC was transferred to Binance, and on 7/11 morning, ETH (8,014.6) worth 25 million USD was withdrawn from Binance.