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The front page of the Securities Times: The local collection link has been moved backward, and the consumption tax reform is to be broken

2024-07-11 07:49:57
According to the article, in recent years, the consumption tax reform direction of "moving back the consumption tax collection link and steadily delineating local areas" has been confirmed by the Ministry of Finance many times, and it is also highly anticipated by the market. The interviewed experts pointed out to reporters that under the current economic situation, consumption tax should become the "vanguard" of the new round of local tax system reform, expand local income sources, and guide local areas to improve the consumption environment. In specific operations, to ensure the stability of the existing financial resources of the central and local governments, the distribution ratio of central and local income of consumption tax will be redivided. Reform will inevitably be accompanied by challenges, and it can be dealt with by moderately expanding the scope of collection or a greater degree of differentiated tax rates. In order to adapt to the series of challenges brought about by the reform, the interviewed experts suggest that the scope of consumption tax collection should be moderately expanded, and certain luxury goods that have not yet been included in the scope of collection or have lower tax rates should be levied or increased; at the same time, the tax rates of tobacco, alcohol, refined oil, passenger cars, etc. should be kept basically stable.