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List of important developments at noon on July 11

2024-07-11 12:03:08
7:00-12:00 Keywords: Trump, Federal Reserve, CLOUD, Solana
Trump will give a speech at the Bitcoin 2024 conference.
2. The chairperson of the Federal Reserve reiterated that assets under custody do not belong to the balance sheet.
3. Sanctum: CLOUD airdrop collection will open on July 18;
4. Former Bloomberg analyst: BTC's hash rate is on a downward trend.
5. The US commodities regulator has urged prompt action against cryptocurrencies.
6. Leaders of the US Democratic Party have called on Biden and his campaign to prove they can win the election.
7. Nansen: Coinbase Ventures has purchased $2.70 million AERO tokens;
8. Bloomberg senior ETF analyst: The Solana ETF may be approved by mid-March 2025 at the latest.
The average trading volume of the seven largest Bitcoin ETFs from July 4 to 10 rose by 72% compared to the beginning of the month.