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Taotian Group weakens its absolute low-price strategy and no longer pushes "five-star price power"

2024-07-11 14:47:39
On July 11th, Taotian Group held a closed-door meeting of merchants after the end of 618 (the end of June). Top-line business executives attended the meeting. Several changes were made clear at the meeting, which will be officially implemented in the second half of the year. A core change is that Taobao weakened its absolute low-price strategy. Since last year, the system of distributing search weights according to "five-star price power" has been weakened and changed back to GMV distribution. According to reporters, in the first half of this year, many categories of five-star price power have been cancelled one by one. In the future, the logic of five-star price power will not be blindly pushed to all merchants, but only suitable and willing merchants will participate. A Taobao insider told reporters. After changing back to GMV allocation, the focus of Taobao's assessment this year has also changed to GMV (transaction amount) and AAC (average consumption amount), rather than pursuing high DAC (order volume) caused by low prices.