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3EX CryptoGPT encryption project information collection is in progress

2024-07-11 16:13:54
On July 11th, according to the official news of 3EX CryptoGPT, 3EX CryptoGPT is currently continuing to collect large-scale crypto project information. Currently, 15 kinds of popular crypto project information including RNDR, HBAR, XLM, ATOM, MNT, ARB, OKB, 0021, CRO, STX, FDUSD, IMX, KAS, XMR, APT, etc. are included again. At present, CryptoGPT has successfully included more than 50 kinds of crypto project information. Users can easily query the information of the included crypto projects by visiting the 3EX CryptoGPT website and talking to AI.
It is reported that 3EX CryptoGPT has introduced GPT's powerful AI programming capabilities into the field of digital asset trading by integrating ChatGPT-4o, providing intelligent and personalized trading services to users around the world. Users only need to have a simple conversation to achieve one-stop AI information services such as crypto industry information acquisition, personalized quantitative trading strategy creation, real-time simulation of profit and loss, real-time configuration and automatic operation.