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Industry Insiders: Objectively View the Market Impact of Programmed Trading

2024-07-11 18:03:30
July 11 news, recently, there are market views that "programmatic trading exacerbates the market decline, which is one of the reasons for the market downturn, and programmatic trading should be suspended or cancelled under the current market environment." It is learned from industry insiders that it is necessary to face up to the advantages and disadvantages of programmatic trading, and it is not advisable to over-stigmatize programmatic trading. The above-mentioned people said that the impact of programmatic trading market has two sides, and it should be viewed rationally and objectively. It should not be shut out or left unchecked. From the perspective of regulatory practice and overseas experience, programmatic trading has both advantages and disadvantages, and it should be divided into two. "Seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and standardize development" is a more rational and objective attitude towards programmatic trading.