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Announcement on Soliciting Opinions on the Bottle Flake Futures Contract and Business Detailed Rules

2024-07-11 17:57:02
Gold Ten Futures, July 11th, in accordance with the "Futures and Derivatives Law of the People's Republic of China", "Regulations on the Administration of Futures Trading", "Measures for the Administration of Futures Exchanges" and other relevant laws, regulations and rules, the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange Bottle Chip Futures Contract (exposure draft) and the "Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange Bottle Grade Polyester Chip Futures Business Rules (exposure draft) " are hereby announced. All parties in the market are welcome to make valuable comments and suggestions. < br > < img src = "https://flash-scdn.jin10.com/439bfbd9-c215-4f82-952d-6a3c66a96bc1.png" referrerpolicy = "no-referrer" >