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Coinbase: Cryptocurrency voters could become a key force in the US election

2024-07-11 20:27:37
As the November US Presidential Election approaches, cryptocurrency has become a hot-button issue for candidates and voters alike. Research released by Coinbase on July 11 shows that cryptocurrency voters have significant influence in key battleground states, where one in six cryptocurrency holders live. The research shows that cryptocurrency voters are young and diverse, with Generation Z and Millennials making up 65% and non-white voters making up 35%. They are very politically active, with 90% of cryptocurrency voters planning to cast their ballots on November 5 and four times as enthusiastic as non-voters in favor of cryptocurrency candidates. This group is more bipartisan, with 35% being Democratic, 34% Republican, and 31% centrist. Candidates are beginning to realize the importance of crypto voters, and candidates such as Trump and Biden have expressed their support for the development of cryptocurrencies.